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Getting an Electrician's license in Victoria
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Getting an Electrician's license in Victoria

To gain an Electrician's License in Victoria, Energy Safe Victoria (ESV), the independent electrical safety and technical regulator in Victoria, has indicated that an apprentice electrician must:

  • Complete a 4 year contract of training as an apprentice electrician that includes at least 12 months experience in carrying out electrical installation work
  • Hold a Certificate III in Electrotechnology Systems Electrician, provided final assessments within this qualification have been conducted under the auspices of ESV.

If the RTO awarding the qualification has not conducted final assessments under the auspices of ESV, then apprentices will also need to successfully complete the Licensed Electrician Assessment (LEA), formerly known as the LEM, in accordance with the Electricity Safety Act and the Electricity Safety (Installations) Regulations 1999.


Currently, to meet the requirements of ESV and the Electrotechnology Training Package, all RTOs have made arrangements with the ESV for their apprentices to undertake the LEA in the final year of their apprenticeship as part of the process and requirements of gaining the qualification rather than undertaking final assessments conducted by the RTO. The LEA is conducted by EPIC ITB.


By adopting this approach there is no need for any apprentice to undertake any additional assessment after the awarding of the Certificate III in Electrotechnology – Systems Electrician for the purpose of gaining an electrical license.


The LEA is a combination of three separate assessments, sat at three different times:

  • Safe Working Practice for Electricians Assessment (SWP) - 40 minutes
    SWP tests your ability to safely disconnect then reconnect a piece of electrical equipment.
  • Licensed Electrician Theory Assessment (LET) - 2 hours 15 minutes
    The theory tests a broad range of knowledge (see LET Sample Exam below).
  • Licensed Electrician Practical Assessment (LEP) - 4 hours
    The LEP is a practical test in four parts: wiring a meter box and switchboard, MEN system testing, identifying visual defects and testing an installation.

All assessments have a minimum pass mark of 75%.




LEA Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible to sit the individual components of the LEA, the following prerequisites are required:

  • Signed Authorisation form from a Registered Training Organisation; or
  • Electrician’s Supervised (ES Class) license; or
  • L license from candidates who have held an ES Class license previously; or
  • Electrician’s (E Class) license. This is required for REC Technical Assessment; or
  • Trades Recognition Certificate (for an Electrician) issued by Trades Recognition Australia; or
  • Letter from ESV indicating eligibility to sit for the licensing assessment.
  • Although not compulsory, most LEA candidates enroll in courses which prepare them specifically for the LEA assessments. Enquire at any training college which conducts electrical apprenticeship training to find out the fees, dates and length of their courses. EPIC does not run any courses.



LEA Assessment Requirements

The LEP and SWP assessments:


The LEP and SWP assessments are practical examinations. These assessments are to be regarded as 'real life' situations and as such all candidates must dress appropriately.


Correct Protective Clothing is required when undertaking Practical Assessments at EPIC:

  • Long sleeved shirt
  • Long trousers
  • Suitable covered footwear

If you do not wear the appropriate clothing (PPE) as per AS/NZS4836:2011 Safe Working on or near low-voltage electrical Installations and equipment



And as per the instructions in your notification letter, you will be excluded from the assessment.


Also, candidates will be required to bring their own Insulation Resistance and Continuity testers from 1st February 2015. The criteria for the testers are the following:

  • Analogue only
  • No indication for PASS/FAIL
  • Minimum of 250V/500V scale
  • Minimum of 2 x continuity scales
  • True moving coil meter

Please note that replacement testers will only be provided if candidate’s batteries run out or the tester is not calibrated.


The LET assessment:


NO SINGLETS OR THONGS can be worn in the LET examination.


Candidates must provide their own material/codes and rule books.


Note: We do not provide books or do you have permission to borrow from another candidate.

The assessor has the authority to deny any candidate entry to the examination if they are incorrectly attired.



Assessment Dates

Upcoming dates for the individual LEA assessments are updated, regularly, on the EPIC ITB website.


Please be aware that places fill quickly!


Apply to the LEA Administration via, mail or in person to secure a place.


Bookings can be taken over the phone payment is to be made by credit card in advance. Appropriate documentation needs to be sited before this can be done.


Enquiries about available dates may be made on (03) 9654 1299 or through


EPIC ITB also conducts LEA Assessments in regional Victoria at various times during the year.



Paper Reviews

Candidates who are unsuccessful in passing an assessment are able to receive a paper based review at a $55 cost via the LEA Online system.


They can also request a further face-to-face review at an additional cost of $95 ONLY HAVING GOTTEN A PAPER REVIEW.


To book please phone (03) 9654 1299 or email LEA Administration at




LEA Fees

Fees for the Licensed Electrician Assessment (LEA) are as follows:




Refund Amount (at least 1 week's notice)

Reschedule Cost (at least 1 week's notice)

Refund Amount (less than 1 week's notice)

Reschedule Cost (less than 1 week's notice)

Safe Working Practice (SWP) $150 $110




Licensed Electrician Theory (LET)






Licensed Electrician Practice (LEP) $255 $215




Licensed Electrician Inspector (LEI) $215 $175




LEA Paper Review

$55 N/A




LEA Face to Face (F2F) Review $95 $55




LEA Tutorial $85 $45




* If an approved medical certificate is provided, please refer to Refund Amount (at least 1 week's notice) pricings.

⁺ If an approved medical certificate is provided, please refer to Reschedule Cost (at least 1 week's notice) pricings.

If you wish to learn more about these pricings, please contact us via phone (9654 1299) or email (




Special Exam Resit Offers


  • Any candidate, that sits an SWP exam with EPIC ITB and does not pass the attempt, will only need to pay $115 for the following SWP exam if they access a paper review.



  • Any candidate, that sits an LET exam with EPIC ITB and does not pass the attempt, will only need to pay $65 for the following LET exam if they access a paper review.



  • Any candidate, that sits an LEP exam with EPIC ITB and does not pass the attempt, will only need to pay $240 for the following LEP exam if they access a paper review.



Candidate's behaviour during an assessment

Please note that all EPIC ITB assessments are conducted under strict examination conditions.


The EPIC ITB Licensed Electricians Assessment is approved by ESV and we, including ESV, appreciate that all candidates realise the importance of the assessment and the consequences of not adhering to the examination procedures.




Special Consideration

Effective from 12 June 2009, EPIC Training Board and Energy Safe Victoria have agreed to the attached policy in relation to Special Consideration for the Licensed Electrician’s Assessment.

As of 12 June 2009, we have agreed that the following procedure must be undertaken prior to authorisation for Special Consideration of 30 minutes to be granted as additional time for the Licensed Electrician’s Assessment (Theory) (LET) component to be completed.

  1. You must have attempted the LET at least once and failed
  2. Your failure result must be at least 50% or more
  3. As the Applicant you must speak with your TAFE Teachers about the difficulty you are/will experience
  4. As the Applicant it is recommended that you undertake the Tutorial Course for the LEA
  5. As the Applicant you need to request a Paper Review of the latest exam if you have attempted the LEA previously
  6. Applicants must demonstrate a one-to-one interview with an assessor to review the latest exams

In relation to Medical Grounds and other special arrangements the attached agreement confirms that assistance such as scribes, interpreters, one to one assessments may incur additional costs, and are to be arranged by the applicant directly at their own expense, in conjunction with your school services.

Accordingly, please refer to the detailed Special Consideration Agreement between ESV and EPIC ITB.




LEA Downloads

Title File
LET Paper Review

LEP Paper Review

SWP Paper Review

LET Sample Exam

LET Sample Exam - Answers

LEP Sample Exam 1

LEP Sample Exam 1 - Answers

LEP Sample Exam 2

LEP Sample Exam 2 - Answers

Release of Results Form (ROR)

LEA Application Form

RTO Group Booking Form

Sample Documents Required